Where Will Your Feet Take You?

Where will your feet take you?  How about a journey around the world?  Yes, that’s right.  Let’s go on a journey.  Each month we will host a virtual race across a new country and explore this planet earth.  Sign up for our monthly virtual race and you’ll get a custom race  medal of that country mailed to you and we’ll share fun and interesting facts about that country throughout the month on our Virtual World Racers Facebook Page.

For each race you can choose the distance you want to complete:  5K, 10K, 13.1 miles (half marathon) or 26.2 miles(full marathon) or 50 miles or even 100 miles!   You can complete it all at once, or add it up and complete it by the end of that month.  So if you choose the 50 mile option, you have the entire month to complete that distance.

What is a virtual race? A virtual race can be run anywhere. You can run, walk, hike, even crawl, the race distance wherever you want. You can run/walk indoors on a treadmill, around your neighborhood or hike the trails. Miles can even be completed on cruise ships, on vacation, and walking around a theme park for the day. The world is your race track! We have 196 counties to explore so it’s time to get started!

pencilsofpromiseBy the way, we are donating 10% of each and every race registration to Pencils of Promise, an incredible organization! They build schools to ensure that their students have access to a quality learning environment. So far they’ve been able to build 363 schools since 2009.  Our goal is to donate $35,000 which is the amount it takes to build one school.  So let’s race around the world and build schools along the way! Check out our donation page HERE.

Here are the countries we’ll be racing across in 2017!
(all races are $15 and you can save up to 15% when you sign up for multiple events)


July 2017: Race Across Tonga

August 2017: Race Across India

September 2017: Race Across Sweden

Registration now open!

October 2017: Race Across Nicaragua

Registration now open!

November 2017: Race Across Russia

Registration now open!

December 2017: Race Across Israel

Registration now open!


February 2017: Race Across Argentina

*Limited medals remaining!

March 2017: Race Across Madagascar

*Limited medals remaining!

April 2017: Race Across Australia – SOLD OUT

May 2017: Race Across Luxembourg

*Limited medals remaining!

June 2017: Race Across Jordan